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Let me just say, I'm NOT a beauty blogger. My knowledge of makeup is probably laughable, but my practice is pretty realistic and hopefully a relatable one. I don't know all the techniques or brush names and I'm not putting fake eyelashes on every day, but this is what works for me and I hope maybe it'll work for you too! I've never spent a lot of time putting on makeup and love a natural look that I wear around the house or our to meet girlfriends. My whole routine takes maybe 5-10 minutes and I love that about it! Over the years I've found a handful of products that work for me and they're a mix of drugstore and department store brands. I'll share them all with you throughout the post and how I use them but if you just want to shop my products, I've linked them all at the bottom!

Before I apply any makeup I always put on Oil Of Olay face lotion, I use the sensitive skin formula and it also has SPF 15 in it. I feel like this helps my makeup set and last throughout the day. Once the lotion has absorbed I add this Olehenriksen brightening eye cream to my under eye. I think it makes me look a little more awake and brightens things up {it also kind of smells like maple syrup at first but I can't decide if thats a bad thing?}. My favorite concealer is the Airbrush Concealer from Clinique in medium and I always apply it under my eyes, around my nose and any other problem areas or breakouts I might have. I love it because it doesn't clog my pores and I can hardly tell that Im wearing it.

I rub the concealer in with my finger {told you I wasn't fancy} then I apply Physicians Formula Bronzer to my whole face. I've never been a fan of actual foundation so I guess this is my version. Its made up of a bunch of different colors that all blend in on your brush when you apply it and it also comes in different shades. I start with my cheeks then work around to my forehead and chin. I usually add a little Lancome Star Bronzer in Solaire to my cheeks for a little color but I also use this NARS blush in Orgasm thats a little more pink. 

Foy my eyes I use Revlon Illuminance Creme in Skin Lights. Each one comes with four different colors and there's five different pallets to chose from. I apply it using an eyeshadow brush but honestly, I used my finger for years and you can't tell the difference. Remember that bronzer I use… well I also use it in the crease of my eyes and under my brows. Since the bronzer is made up of different colors, I choose one of the darker tones for the crease and the lighter tone for under my brows also applying with a thinner eyeshadow brush. Next I use an eyelash curler and apply mascara to my lashes. I normally use Maybelline Full n' Soft but also have this Bobby Brown Eye Opening Mascara that I use when going out or wanting to have really full and thick looking lashes- Niki from Andi's List told me about it!

Finally, I add a tinted lip balm or chapstick to give some life to my lips and thats it! 

Ps. Im guilty of not washing my face every night {or ever really…} but I do use these Simple Face Wipes. They don't have any harsh chemicals and take makeup off really well {even water proof mascara!} I use the cleansing ones {it also comes in an exfoliating, oil balancing, radiant, and micellar face wipe too} Also, my brush set is from Nordstrom. I couldn't find a link, but they sell them in their makeup department. I also have these from Sephora that also work great. 

Hope y'all enjoyed this post, it's defiantly a first for me, so I'd love any feedback you have or tips on skin care or products that you love! 



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